Public safety

One of the critical aspects of city management is everything related to security.

Proper organization of the involved public services improves the quality of life for its residents, provides a better experience for tourists, and ensures the success of large events and celebrations.

For this, our location analytics are highly valuable, allowing for the monitoring of the presence and flow of people in areas of special interest, as well as those that need to remain evacuated.

Additionally, our CHT technology enables fluid and robust connectivity, even under very high demand, ensuring uninterrupted communication between all involved parties.

As a result, we create spaces with lower crime rates, emergencies are handled more quickly and efficiently, and ultimately, the city becomes a more friendly and attractive place for locals and visitors alike.

High-reliability analytics data and impeccable connectivity for citizen protection

Our CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), through Location and Presence Analytics, allows for the detection of device presence and movement in areas of interest, enabling real-time counting and tracking over different periods.

All this is achieved with the highest reliability on the market thanks to our patented Galgus Fingerprint, an AI-enhanced digital signature assigned to each device. This technology accurately identifies devices not connected to the network and avoids distortions caused by MAC address randomization.

This allows authorities to:

  • Be notified when unauthorized presences and/or movements are detected and take appropriate action.
  • Obtain statistics on people’s behavior, both daily and during large-scale events.
  • Count unique users by zones, days, and hours.
  • Generate heat maps showing device density at each analysis point.
  • Know repeat visit rates and average dwell times.
  • Implement geofencing through a third-party API integrating our technology’s data.

In addition, we provide an optimal connection user experience that facilitates communication between emergency services, police, healthcare providers, firefighters, authorities, and any other security and emergency services.

Our solutions can be applied in various scenarios, such as:

  • Monitoring protected areas with restricted public access, whether permanent or temporary.
  • Controlling and directing people flows in especially crowded areas.
  • More efficient management of public services during large-scale events (concerts, sports and cultural events, major celebrations, popular festivals, etc.).
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Higher Connectivity, Tangible ROI

Here are some examples of the ROI for our clients,
discover more in our success stories!

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of reliability by detecting devices in the range of Galgus WiFi networks.
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Up to 50% savings in operational costs
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Robustness and reliability of analytics.

How do we apply our technology for public safety?

Discover our success stories

Santa Cruz neighborhood

Safer Smart Tourist Destinations

A tool to competitively plan and manage the flow of people in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, an area with very high visitor density.

This way, a better experience can be offered to tourists.

Rocío Pilgrimage

Location & Presence Analytics for Large Crowds

Galgus monitored the presence and behavior of participants at one of the largest national events, the Rocío Pilgrimage.

Las Rozas

Las Rozas: Monitoring of Restricted Areas

The project commissioned by the Local Police of Las Rozas, which we executed in collaboration with our partner SmartIT, involved monitoring the presence of people in a designated area during nighttime hours and providing real-time alerts for evacuation.

Equipment for public safety solutions

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What´s Next?

Create safer environments for citizens and visitors.

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