Require an Unlimited And Adapted Connection

Whether you are a small or large corporation, our technology is specially designed for you. Get a secure connectivity adapted to the context of your company. Optimize your resources, while improving your competitiveness. 

The Enterprise sector is characterized by a continuous data transmission flow, where any failure in the network, especially in terms of security, can be very damaging and compromising the continuity of the service as well as the user experience. Solutions on the market are usually expensive and require expert engineers for their maintenance. Galgus democratizes access to high-performing WiFi networks by offering premium features at an affordable price with no intervention of technical engineers required.

Higher Connectivity, Tangible ROI

Here some ROI examples from our clients.
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of reliability by detecting devices in the range of Galgus WiFi networks.
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Reduce acquisition & operation costs.
0 %
Immediate stock availability
in 48 hours.
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Robustness and reliability of analytics.
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