WiFi on Cruises

Connection on the high sea without barriers

Whether it’s being hundreds or thousands of miles from shore, or the structure of the vessel itself, cruise are very challenging environments to provide quality WiFi. At Galgus we know how to do it.

WiFi for cruises: passengers disconnecting thanks to the best Wi-Fi

With our CHT technology, passengers on board the cruise will not have any problem enjoying a WiFi network that will allow them to get the best experience on the high seas.

They will be able to access high-definition multimedia content without interruption, make video calls with their friends and family, share the best of their trip on social networks and everything they need to relax, unwind and spend unforgettable days.

CHT makes it possible, responding with guarantees to a scenario with a high demand for simultaneous connections, full of physical obstacles for WiFi signal propagation.

Galgus cruceros

Higher Connectivity, Tangible ROI

Here are some examples of our clients’ ROI,
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Reduce TCO by up to 60% centrally managing everything
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2M users connected daily to Galgus networks.
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Reduces by up to 50% acquisition and operating costs.
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Robustness and optimization network.

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