A Network Without Interruptions For The Development of Your Activity.

Galgus provides connectivity that reaches every corner of your factory. Get a network without interruptions and obtain extra security to minimize damage in your production process.

The pace of work in the factories is vertiginous, the machines do not stop. The industrial sector needs continuity and technology that accompanies these work rhythms.

In factories there are dark areas, spaces where the signal is not the best, with the router, the number of connected devices or the particularities of the space. Galgus with the help of a specific module, guarantees the connection.

The tasks that are carried out can affect the WiFi network, but Galgus is prepared for critical environments: humidity, vibrations, high temperatures… there is no obstacle for Galgus.

Higher Connectivity, Tangible ROI

These are some examples of ROI from our clients. Find out more in our success cases!

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of reliability by detecting devices in the range of Galgus WiFi networks.
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Reduces acquisition and operating costs.
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Immediate stock availability
in 48 hours.
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Robustness and reliability of analytics.

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A Production Process Without Interruptions

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