Wi-Fi and Location Analytics to offer the best experience to your customers

Your customers are looking for the best service with the best added value. To provide this, you need to offer them a Wi-Fi connection that meets their demands, as well as knowing their preferences and habits in detail.

With Galgus’s CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology) and Location & Presence Analytics, you will be able to optimize Internet access as well as resource management.

Your customers will notice this in various ways: reduced queue times, quick access to offers, promotions and product information, better personalized attention, easy parking, etc.

For managers, location analytics data will allow them to define strategies to ensure that their experience is complete and they want to repeat it.

The large influx of people in shopping malls, stores and hotels generates a multitude of data. Information that administrators can use to create a better experience for their customers and build loyalty.

We put at your disposal our location and tracking technology, which offers the highest precision on the market and includes devices not connected to the network and those that randomize their MAC addresses.

With its implementation, it is possible to reliably know the habits and behavior patterns of customers and users.

Based on this knowledge, material and human resources can be managed intelligently, so that:

Galgus CHT technology also ensures that the quality of the Wi-Fi service is not impaired by heavy congestion.

Galgus provides Wi-Fi access with maximum speed and robustness, even in environments with a high demand for simultaneous connections.

CHT also minimises the investment required for deployment, requiring fewer access points and prolonging their average lifespan.

In addition, with Galgus Connect we guarantee a smooth and automatic transition between Wi-Fi and 5G networks, so that even the areas with the greatest problems with telephone coverage are connected.

Higher Connectivity, Tangible ROI

Here are some examples of ROI from our clients . Find out more in our success stories!

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Reduces acquisition and operating costs.
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Robustness and reliability of analytics.
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How do we apply our technology?

Discover our success stories


Meraville provides a superior shopping experience

With Galgus, the Meraville shopping centre is able to offer the highest browsing speed within its facilities with the lowest rate of interruptions and interference, as well as offering its managers precise data on the behaviour of its customers.

To Dream

ToDream, one of the largest shopping centres in Italy

Galgus and Around People revolutionize connectivity at the ToDream shopping center in Turin, providing a robust and fast WiFi network and Location & Presence Analytics for a 85,000 m² facility, as well as for the center’s employees and visitors.

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Outdoor APs

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