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At Galgus, we are passionate about making Wi-Fi better. Our unique and patented solution optimizes Wi-Fi performance in high-density environments, delivering faster speeds, greater stability, and a seamless user experience.


Ready To Take Your Connectivity To The Next Level?

At Galgus, our vision is to revolutionize Wi-Fi performance in high-density environments. We strive to create a world where people can enjoy a seamless connectivity, even in the busiest and most crowded spaces.

Our mission is to achieve this vision by developing innovative, intelligent and optimized Wi-Fi solutions. We believe that by combining our expertise in wireless communications and artificial intelligence, we can deliver a superior performance and solve the most challenging connectivity problems. We are proud to have collaborated with leading companies in different sectors such as hospitality, transportation, education, and retail, helping them to achieve a better network performance. Ready to take your connectivity to the next level?

Innovation, Ethics and
Customer Satisfaction


Galgus believes in being at the forefront of innovation when it comes to wireless network technology, investing in research and development with our own patented solutions.


Focus on what really matters. Galgus's mission is to provide to our customers with the best possible experience and optimized when it comes to wireless network technology.


Galgus recognizes the impact that technology can have on the environment, and is committed to minimize that impact in its operations and product development projects.

and Integrity

Galgus believes in conducting business with the highest level of integrity and ethics. The company is committed to transparency and honesty in all of its projects and implementations.

Users Love Galgus

Galgus’User Experience Excels with 10 Badges in G2 Winter Reports based on our clients reviews.

A Team Committed To Achieve
Wireless Excellence

At Galgus, we pride ourselves on unleashing innovation with every project, and our talented team is dedicated to push the boundaries of what is possible in the wireless industry.

Jose González

Co-Founder & CEO

Jose Antonio Delgado

Co-Founder & CTO

Gema Pérez


Dr. Pablo Aguilera

Co-Founder & R&D Director

Blaz Vavpetic

VP, NAM Partnerships

Luis Polo

Sales Director

Fernando García


Ignacio de Benito

Senior Advisor

Azahara Benito

Chief Marketing Officer

Enhanced Connectivity

Galgus has provided innovative wireless network solutions for over a decade, delivering superior performance.

Innovation and Disruption

Galgus has won numerous awards and recognition from leading organizations and publications around the world.

Strategic Partnerships

Galgus has formed strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading companies to develop its wireless solutions globally.

The Most Trusted WiFi Provider

Our technology has been deployed in airports, hotels, and conference centers, among other high-density environments. But we're not done yet. We're constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and we're committed to delivering the best possible Wi-Fi performance for our customers and partners.

We are proud members of the Wi-Fi Alliance and we have the CERTIFIED Passpoint seal, which guarantees maximum security and interoperability.

Gartner names and features Galgus in Market Guide as one of the world's leading providers of Location Analytics technology.

Galgus Named 'High Performer' by G2
in Spring Reports 2023 with a 4.8 out of 5
User Rating for Best User Experience

The Galgus Team's Bold Pursuit of
Wireless Excellence

At Galgus, we pride ourselves on unleashing innovation with every project, and our talented team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the wireless industry

Jose González


Experienced executive with a background in engineering and telecommunications

Fernando García


Ex Head of Finance Operations 20 yrs. Western Europe of Vodafone.

Ignacio de Benito

Senior Advisor

Ex Managing Director, 40 yrs. International Market of Telefonica.

Blaz Vavpetic

VP, NAM Partnerships

Ex-CTO iPass, 25 years of experience in the Wireless industry

Luis Polo

Head of Sales

32 yrs. Enterprise Sales, Toshiba

Gema Pérez

Chief Operating Officer

15 yrs. Technical Program Mgmt

Pablo Aguilera

Head of Innovation

12 yrs. Signal Processing & AI

Consuelo Gómez

Head of Customer Success

Telecommunications Engineering

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