An efficient and robust network for the most demanding passengers

Quality WiFi connectivity is already a non-negotiable requirement for passengers to choose a train company. They are looking to make the most of their trip, whether they are working, studying, on their social networks or enjoying streaming content. All of them will need a fast and uninterrupted WiFi network.

For their part, train companies need to optimize resources for their network infrastructure, while at the same time they greatly value having data on the behavior of their passengers.

Galgus on trains: high performance, lower costs and Location Analytics for the best passenger experience.

Galgus access points for trains have advanced features such as unified cloud management, automatic optimization and advanced network analytics.

Galgus’ proprietary technology for trains reduces the number of access points required by 34% and operating costs by 50%, without impacting service quality.

In addition, it avoids dependence on a single hardware supplier, while allowing access to premium functionalities, such as high-precision counting and location analytics, the results of which will be used to optimize services.

Higher Connectivity, Tangible ROI

Here are some examples of our customers’ ROI,
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Reduce TCO byup to 60% by managing everything centralized
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2M users connected daily to Galgus networks
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Up to 50% reduced acquisition and operating costs.
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Robustness and reliability of the network.

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