Manage Your WiFi Networks in a Single Centralized Cloud Platform

Galgus Cloud Manager empowers businesses to manage their entire network infrastructure, including switches, routers, and access points (APs) from a single, centralized platform. It doesn’t matter how far apart your different sites are, you can still manage and monitor all of them at once from Galgus Cloud Manager.

Easy Configuration of Settings And Real-Time Monitoring of Your Network Activity

The WiFi infrastructure sector faces a problem managing and monitoring multiple networks across different locations, which can result in inefficient resource utilization, higher costs, and increased downtime. Galgus Cloud Manager solves this by offering a centralized platform to manage all WiFi networks in one place. It’s advanced technology makes any device cloud manageable allowing for easy configuration of settings and real-time monitoring of network activity across different locations. This simplifies network management, improves overall network performance and security, and enables businesses to optimize their resources and reduce costs.


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Times more robustness


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Counting devices in real-world deployments


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Times longer the life of your APs


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Centrally managed through software

Unleashing the Power of Efficient
Wi-Fi Network Management

A network that maximizes the available resources

Easy configuration and
monitoring of your Network

A centralized management platform for your Wi-Fi network infrastructure, making it easier to configure and monitor your network.

Remote Acces &

You don’t need to be on-site to manage your network, which makes it more convenient for IT administrators.

Increase Capacity And
Network Scalability

Easily supports large networks with multiple access points, allowing for easy expansion and management from a single platform.


Galgus Cloud Manager offers real-time analytics and reporting, optimizing your network to provide a seamless Wi-Fi experience for your users.


Ensure network security with advanced features like secure access control and encrypted communication to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.


Save costs by eliminating the need for on-site hardware and software, reducing IT staffing costs, and optimizing network performance to minimize expensive hardware upgrades.

Improve Network Performance, Flexibility
& Optimize Costs

Benefit from Galgus Cloud Manager to optimize your WiFi network management in high-traffic environments such as stadiums, shopping malls, resorts, among many other venues.

Data Display And Monitoring in Real-Time

Real Betis football club manages and monitors the high multimedia traffic of its networks through Galgus Cloud Manager.

A simple Solution, Easy-to-Deploy And Scalable in Different Stores or Areas

Unified management from the cloud of all your APs and presence analytics through Galgus REST API.

Top-quality Connections in Educative Spaces

The institution’s management has access to real-time analytics, location histories, people counting, as well as heat maps. All efficiently managed through the cloud.

Advanced Capabilities for
Superior Performance

Optimize the management of your infrastructure remotely and from a single platform

Microservices Based

Galgus Cloud Manager utilizes a microservices-based architecture, ensuring high reliability, scalability, and robustness of the platform.

Real-Time Network
Activity Monitoring

The platform offers real-time network activity monitoring, enabling users to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot network issues.

Rest API

Easy to integrate with existing or third-party systems, allowing for seamless network management.

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Transform Your WiFi Network Management with Galgus Cloud Manager

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