Efficient healthcare services

Your patients and their companions demand efficient and swift service during critical moments. Additionally, making their stay as pleasant as possible is essential.

Thanks to our CHT technology, Galgus offers the ability to enhance resource management through location analytics. This allows you to know in real-time where equipment and materials are, facilitating much quicker interventions and tests that optimize the work of professionals.

You will also be able to locate vulnerable individuals—such as children and people with conditions like Alzheimer’s—and monitor the occupancy of each area and the location of individuals within the hospital. This ensures a better experience for patients, families, and hospital staff.

Furthermore, you can guarantee the best connectivity for data and voice, even in areas with the highest density of people, thanks to CHT and Galgus Connect.

We make technology work for you: equipment under control, satisfied users

Speed and quality of patient care are key factors in hospital management. Galgus assists healthcare professionals by ensuring that control over equipment locations or crowding in specific areas does not hinder intervention times.

We offer highly reliable location and presence analytics to obtain data on:

  • Real-time location of equipment and materials.
  • Real-time location of vulnerable individuals.
  • Occupancy control of areas with varying density, such as emergency waiting rooms or extraction rooms.

In addition to the location of people, equipment, and materials, there is a second key factor in effective management and user experience: connectivity. Both healthcare professionals and patients, along with their families, require this.

Thanks to our CHT technology, the Wi-Fi network is automatically optimized. This ensures that all users enjoy the best connectivity, all powered by AI.

Additionally, Galgus Connect provides Wi-Fi/5G convergence without user interaction. The APs (Access Points) become antennas capable of offering not only Wi-Fi but also 4G or 5G telephony. This allows users to continue using their mobile phones as usual in areas with low coverage, such as basements and ground floors where radiology and extraction rooms are located.

WiFi en hospitales

Higher Connectivity, Tangible ROI

Here are some examples of our clients’ ROI,
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of reliability by detecting devices in the range of Galgus WiFi networks.
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Up to 50% savings in operational costs
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Robustness and reliability of analytics.

How do we apply our technology in hospitals?

Success Story

Puerta del Mar Hospital

We deployed a high-performance Wi-Fi network in the challenging environment of Puerta del Mar Hospital in Cádiz. This is a large facility where professionals need the best connection to optimize patient care.

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