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Location Analytics

Awakening the sixth sense of your WiFi network.

Location Analytics


Who said that the only use of a WiFi network is to provide Internet access?

With Galgus Location Analytics, you can take advantage of the WiFi infrastructure to collect real-time data regarding your users: location, people density, heat maps, device count, and much more.

It works for both, network-connected and non-connected devices (visitors who simply pass by a node).

All this complying with the required data privacy.

Multiply your business connectivity

Whatever your work environment, Galgus has the solutions you need to enjoy a fast, stable, and secure internet connection.

Analysis of the network and its environment


Galgus Cloud Manager provides an analytics dashboard to visualize, both historical and real-time data, regarding what happens [is happening] in [on] your network in terms of signal quality, traffic patterns, noise and interference, quality of service, etc.

Visualizing your network metrics in real-time and on top of a map will give you an idea of how your infrastructure operates. At the same time, you can monitor the number of connected devices and also those that simply approach the network, as well as heat maps to control user density. You’ll be able to keep track of what happened in the last few minutes, hours, days, or weeks and play it as if it was a movie.


Robust analytics based on machine learning.


Galgus systems do not need any input from users: forget about bothering with apps, login permissions, Bluetooth requirements, etc.

Our Location Analytics modules use optimization techniques to automatically calibrate their algorithms, thus being able to estimate devices’ position and to generate heat maps for each area of your sites. With our technology, backed up with 4 international patents, we can mitigate the distortion that modern mobile devices produce by randomising their MAC addresses, a growing issue [problem] in WiFi analytics that other classic manufacturers prefer to ignore.

This is why our system is 3 times more robust than classic solutions that just overlook this issue, resulting in poor analytics, lacking in data.

I want more

Galgus technology solves connectivity problems in any environment: from airplanes to small cafeterias, luxury resorts, schools, or sports stadiums. We estimate that more than 1 million users enjoy our networks every day.

If there is WiFi, there is Galgus.