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Valencia Port Achives Operational Efficiency With Galgus

Valencia, with its extensive network of connections to major ports around the world, stands as Spain’s premier port in the Mediterranean.
At the Port of Valencia, Galgus offers a top-notch network service at the Border Inspection Post (BIP), ensuring exceptional quality and performance.


The Port of Valencia handles a total volume of 82.8 million tonnes of cargo per year. Recognising the importance of optimising logistics and container distribution, its managers decided to improve these operations with maximum efficiency.

In addition, the Port of Valencia understands the fundamental role played by its workers, so one of its objectives was to provide an improved network service.

By investing in superior connectivity and technology, they aimed to create an environment in which workers can thrive and perform at their best, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.


The implementation of the Galgus WiFi infrastructure, with 8 access points, allows the health status of the network to be verified, as well as the real-time operation of the APs and the performance of the connected devices.

All after a detailed preliminary study in which we considered aspects that were not taken into account in the network previously available, such as the optimal adjustment of channels, or considering the materials used in the facilities, as well as the presence of elements such as doors, windows and furniture.

With all this, we ensure accurate monitoring of wireless networks, resulting in a fast, robust and secure network that guarantees the best possible user experience.

As a result of this preliminary study, today the installation allows optimal coverage even inside the unloading trucks. This gives operators the possibility to carry out labelling tasks without having to unload the goods, thus improving work efficiency.

Thanks to Location Analytics technology, there is greater control of the flow of people on the site, which facilitates the management of the port’s human resources in order to optimise factors such as productivity and security on the site.

Smart Ports are being introduced all over the world. A good connectivity allows you to:

Improve operator productivity

Access to your
real time

Increasing the port’s profitability

Remote network

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