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R&D (+ innovation) Projects

Technology development for WiFi networks.

R&D (+ innovation) Projects


The consortium formed by Galgus and the University of Seville was awarded the WiFiciency project (RTC-2017-6255-7) by The Spanish Ministry of Economy in 2018 within the call “Retos-Colaboración”.

It is a technological innovation project carried out in collaboration between Galgus R&D Department and the ACE-TI group from the University of Seville. Its main goal is to develop and test new modules to be added to Galgus CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), the distributed intelligence software that makes Galgus networks unique.

CHT - Cognitive Hotspot Technology

Distributed intelligence that maximizes network performance.

RTC-2017-6255-7: WiFiciency Research Project


These new modules will contribute with state-of-the-art research in two main areas:

  • Automatic resource optimization, to improve network performance (adaptive load-balancing, interference classification, congestion control and detection of anomalies…)
  • Creation of functionalities with added value for network owners (device location, intrusion detection, user profile creation etc.)

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