Galgus - Cómo la tecnología Wi-Fi eleva los estándares de seguridad en las smart cities

How Wi-Fi technology elevates safety standards in smart cities

Security in smart cities is an essential priority for ensuring the well-being of citizens and the efficiency of urban management. Galgus technology offers advanced solutions that not only optimize connectivity but also significantly improve surveillance and emergency response capabilities. In this article, we explore how these innovations are transforming safety in smart cities.

The integration of advanced technology into urban infrastructure is crucial for improving the quality of life for citizens and the experience of visitors. One of the most critical areas is safety, where the ability to monitor and quickly respond to risk situations can make all the difference.

At Galgus, with our Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT) and Presence & Location Analytics, we provide essential tools for authorities to manage safety more efficiently and effectively. Here’s how we make it possible.

How does the security of smart cities benefit from Galgus technology?

Reduction of crime

By enhancing surveillance and response capabilities for authorities, Galgus technology helps create safer environments.

Early detection of suspicious or criminal activities and rapid intervention can deter criminals and reduce the crime rate.

Efficiency in Emergency Response

In emergency situations, coordination is key. Galgus technology enables seamless communication between emergency services, improving response times and operational efficiency, especially in complex and crowded scenarios.

This is crucial for saving lives and minimizing damage during natural disasters, accidents, and other incidents.

Improvement in managing large events

Large events, such as concerts, festivals, and demonstrations, present unique security challenges. Our technology enables the monitoring and management of large crowds, ensuring that all attendees are safe and that the event proceeds smoothly.

The ability to direct the flow of people and detect unusual behaviors is vital to preventing incidents and ensuring a positive experience for everyone.

How can you use location and presence analytics to promote public safety?

Location & Presence Analytics detects with high precision the presence of devices and their movements in specific areas, both in real-time and over desired intervals.

Galgus’ Location & Presence Analytics offers the highest precision on the market thanks to Fingerprint, an AI-enhanced digital signature capable of identifying devices not connected to the network and avoiding distortions caused by MAC address randomization.

Monitoring of presence and movements

One of the most notable capabilities of Galgus technology is the real-time detection of unauthorized presence and movements. Authorities can be immediately notified when any suspicious or unauthorized activity is detected.

This allows for quick and effective intervention, minimizing the risk of incidents and improving the overall safety of the city. The ability to respond rapidly to these events is crucial for maintaining security in sensitive areas and protecting citizens.

Statistics on people’s behavior

The collection of anonymous and aggregated data on people’s behavior is essential for better understanding how they move and act in different situations. Galgus provides tools that enable the gathering of detailed statistics both for everyday activities and during large-scale events.

These statistics include movement patterns, concentrations of people, and changes in behavior over time. With this information, authorities can better plan and manage security resources by making informed decisions.

Counting unique users

Galgus technology enables precise counting of unique users in different areas, on different days, and at different times. This counting is essential for understanding the density of people in various locations and at various times, which is especially useful during large events where crowd control is critical.

Knowing how many people are present in a specific area at any given time allows authorities to allocate security resources more efficiently and prevent potential issues.

Heat maps

The heat maps provided by Galgus show the density of devices at each analysis point. These maps visualize where the highest concentrations of people are in real-time, which is extremely useful for managing security at large events and in crowded areas.

Heat maps allow for the quick identification of areas with the highest foot traffic, facilitating decision-making about the placement of security personnel and the implementation of preventive measures.

Analysis of repeat visits and dwell times

Knowing the ratios of repeat visits and the average dwell times in different areas helps authorities better understand the behavior patterns of citizens.

This information is valuable for identifying recurrent points of interest and assessing the effectiveness of implemented security measures. Additionally, it allows for better planning of resource and service distribution based on the frequency and duration of people’s visits to different areas.

Geofencing with third-party API

Dehesa Las Rozas Map

The integration of data provided by Galgus technology with a third-party API allows for geofencing, which means creating virtual perimeters in specific areas.

This functionality allows authorities to receive alerts when a device enters or exits a designated area. Geofencing is especially useful for managing access to restricted areas, special events, and protecting critical infrastructure.

All of this without forgetting the value of an optimal user experience.

Providing an optimal user connection experience is crucial for streamlining communication between different emergency services, such as the police, healthcare services, firefighters, and other authorities.

A smooth and reliable communication network ensures that these services can coordinate efficiently and respond quickly to any emergency situation. The ability to maintain constant and clear communication is fundamental for effective emergency management and the overall safety of the city.

CHT enables each AP to monitor its environment, share information with others, and collectively make the best decisions for network performance.

Additionally, Galgus Connect enables automatic and seamless transitions between 5G and Wi-Fi networks. Its application is highly valuable in areas without phone coverage, as well as in high-density areas with citizens and tourists.

In short, Galgus technology represents a significant advancement in managing security in smart cities. From early detection of suspicious activities to improved efficiency in emergency response and managing large events, we provide essential tools for creating safer and more efficient urban environments.

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