GALGUS - New branch Peru

We achieved a greater presence in Latin America by opening a new office in Peru.

At Galgus we continue with our growth and expansion in Latin America, doing our bit to promote connectivity in its territory. Therefore, our most recent step has been the opening of a branch in Peru.

Today we bring you a piece of news that makes us especially excited, and that is that we now have a subsidiary in Peru with which we fulfil our goal of establishing ourselves in this country to provide local support and bring our products closer to you.

Peru is a country that is on the right track in terms of its digital transformation. According to the latest Digital Maturity Index, around 30% of companies have incipient digital maturity, and 66% are in the process of digital transformation (in 2019 it was 45%).

This led us to consider opening a branch in Peru some time ago, feeling that we had to be there in order to become a WiFi network provider that was closer and more local in our dealings with all the agents involved.

However, the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic delayed our plans. A goal that we have finally achieved and which fills us with motivation.

From now on, we will intensify our activity in the Peruvian nation, so that companies and Public Administrations have the possibility of incorporating high-level WiFi solutions for all kinds of professional environments. In fact, we already have some projects under way that make us even more aware of the potential we have to exploit in Peru.

A work that we hope will have an impact on shaping a more digital country with greater opportunities for all. We will bring you more news on this soon. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with all our activity on our blog and our social networks. Do you follow us?