Galgus - 5 motivos para incluir un portal cautivo en tu red Wi-Fi pública

5 Reasons to include a captive portal on your public Wi-Fi network

A captive Wi-Fi portal offers great opportunities to network managers and owners, and it is a very valuable resource in order to provide an excellent user experience while opening the doors to monetization and greater security, among other advantages. Read this article and you will get to know them all.

Nowadays, we all want to be connected, regardless of where we are and at whatever time it is. Whether in a coffee shop, hotel, airport, or other public place, offering Wi-Fi access has become a fundamental requirement for many customers and users of various businesses and services 

To get an idea of this, we can take a look at this study by Tweak Your Biz focused on the hospitality sector, in which interesting conclusions are drawn such as: 

  • 61% of customers look for Wi-Fi in restaurants.
  • 36% visit restaurants that offer Wi-Fi.
  • 27% most often visit restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi
  • 45% say it’s important to have access to Wi-Fi while eating or drinking.

On the other hand, ensuring network security and providing a seamless user experience can be challenging in complex scenarios. This is where captive portals come in. In this article, we’ll explore the power of captive portals, their benefits, and how they can improve the connectivity experience and much more. 

What is a captive portal?

From the user’s point of view, a captive portal is a web page that is displayed when they connect to a wireless network, and that asks them to authenticate or take some action before they can access the Internet. Captive portals are very common in places like airports, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls, etc., where free Wi-Fi is offered to customers. 

A somewhat more technical definition of a captive portal is that it is a service that allows traffic control and forces users of a network to authenticate through a web page to have access to the Internet. This portal allows you to control parameters such as the connection time of a customer to the network, bandwidth offered to each customer, etc. 

The functionality of captive portals may vary depending on the specific implementation. However, the basic concept remains the same. When a user tries to connect to a network with a captive portal, they are automatically redirected to a web page where they must complete a series of actions before gaining access to the Internet. 

These actions typically include reading and agreeing to terms and conditions, providing authentication credentials, or filling out a form with personal information. Once the user successfully completes these actions, they are granted access to the network and can freely browse the internet.

Captive portals have many advantages and functionalities for public Wi-Fi networks, both for users and service providers. In this article, we’ll explain 5 reasons why you should include a captive portal in your public Wi-Fi network.

Advantages of having a captive portal on your business’s Wi-Fi network

1. Increased network security

A captive portal allows you to control who accesses your network and how they do so, preventing misuse or malicious use of your network. You can set different levels of access, depending on the type of user, connection time, bandwidth, etc.

In addition, you can protect your network from potential external attacks, such as phishing, data theft, or phishing, by verifying the identity of users and showing them the terms and conditions of use of the network. 

2. Personalized and more effective marketing

A captive portal is an excellent tool to promote your brand, products, or services. You can display offers, discounts, news, events, surveys, etc., to attract and retain your customers.

By asking your users to provide information such as their name, email address, or social media profiles, you can build your marketing database and generate leads. 

With a better understanding of their preferences, consumption habits, satisfaction levels, etc., you can get to know your target audience better, segment them and adapt your offer to their needs and expectations. You can also measure the impact and return of your marketing actions, and optimize your strategy based on results. 

4. Optimized user experience

Galgus - captive portal on your public Wi-Fi network

A captive portal allows you to improve the experience of users who connect to your network by giving them easy, fast, and secure access to the Internet. You can make the authentication process easier by allowing logins with social media or email accounts, or by remembering the details of users who have already logged in before.

You can also improve the quality and speed of your connection by managing network traffic and performance. This is crucial, especially in environments with a large number of concurrent users. 

For example, you can set speed limits for each user, which prevents a few from consuming all the available bandwidth, ensuring a fair experience for all users.

5. Possibility of monetizing the network

In addition to offering free Wi-Fi, a captive portal gives you opportunities to generate additional income. You can incorporate monetization strategies, such as displaying banner ads, brand sponsorships, or even selling products and services directly through the portal. 

This ability to generate additional revenue, for example, can help offset the costs associated with deploying and maintaining the network.

6. Regulatory Compliance

Implementing a captive portal on your public Wi-Fi network can help you comply with local regulations and regulations related to internet access.

By requiring user authentication and displaying terms and conditions of use, you can ensure that you’re complying with relevant laws and protecting users’ privacy.

All in all, whether it’s in a coffee shop, hotel, or any other public place, a well-designed captive portal can provide a positive and memorable user experience, while protecting the network from potential threats and opening the door to increased revenue.

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