Galgus SkyPass para la convergencia 5G + WiFi en aeropuertos consigue una ayuda UNICO de 790.000 euros

Galgus SkyPass for 5G + WiFi convergence in airports wins UNICO grant of 790,000 euros

It is one of the 7 beneficiary projects of the UNICO 5G Sectorial 2023 grants to carry out experimental development projects for 5G applications and services that have an impact on the digital transformation of key economic sectors for the country.

In total, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has awarded €9.5 million to projects that will directly benefit other Spanish companies and mobilise public-private investment of €21.6 million. Of these, Galgus has been awarded more than 790,000 euros.

The GalgusConnect solution, improved and extended by this SkyPass project, is a technology that enables an airport user’s mobile device to automatically switch from the 5G operator’s network to the WiFi network, without outages and without collaboration or disturbance from the user.

In this way, travellers get a seamless and enhanced connectivity experience thanks to the speed and robustness to high traffic demands and high user density offered by Galgus CHT technology. All this without having to intervene at any time and safeguarding their privacy.

In addition, SkyPass includes an advanced version of Location & Presence Analytics for real-time analysis of people flows through the airport. Thanks to this information, airport managers can make evidence-based decisions to improve the quality of services. They can even share data with other airports that also have this deployment.

For telecom operators, SkyPass brings a reduction in the load on their networks, thereby improving network performance, as well as quality of experience (QoE) and subscriber feedback.

With this help, Galgus contributes to bring, in the words of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, María González Veracruz, “Technological improvements to improve people’s lives, optimise resources and take very important steps towards environmental sustainability”.

Extremely happy and satisfied with this achievement, we will keep you informed of all the developments in the Galgus SkyPass project. Stay tuned!