Galgus at Rail Live 2022

Galgus, at the center of the rail industry at Rail Live! 2022

Rail Live! is one of the major events for world leaders in the railway industry and everything related to its digital transformation and the innovation it entails.

To give you an idea of its relevance, more than 100 exhibitors, 250 speakers and 100 startups will participate, with an audience of thousands of professionals involved in one way or another in the sector.

Of course, Galgus is among them, a position we have earned through the contribution of our technology and equipment to provide high-level connectivity and geolocation analytics to leading companies in the industry.

Passengers get the best user experience, even in complex, high-demand scenarios. For their part, operators have valuable data on user behavior, which is truly useful for designing the best possible service. All this while optimizing investment and minimizing expenditure on access points.

Therefore, Galgus fits like a glove to the atmosphere of an event that will focus on the application of disruptive technologies in the railway sector. An environment that will be shaped by different areas of the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA).

One of the main ones will be the exhibition and startups area, with the stands of the main participants. Among them, you will find Galgus, where you will be able to check first hand with our team the results we can offer you.

On the other hand, there will be the Conference area, where leading experts will present ideas, knowledge, projects and technological advances to be considered in order to keep abreast of the keys to the sector.

We will be very active in all of them, making the most of an event that is among our favorites. If you are going to attend, don’t forget to pay us a visit, we would love to share ideas and projects with you.

Galgus team at Rail Live 2022