Onboard connectivity for everyone and advanced analytics.


With Galgus technology you can give quality Internet access to all your passengers and workers even when they are all demanding multimedia traffic at the same time. Meanwhile, you can collect contextual information about what happens in your means of transport.

Galgus technology is present in more than 4,000 APs on airplanes worldwide, more than 300 APs on trains, dozens of APs on five Mediterranean cruises, and more than 600 APs on buses. All of them working synergistically to deliver the highest quality to passengers while making life easier for the network administrators.

We have a wide variety of modules suitable for these scenarios:

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We automatically adapt to the environment and situation so that the network performs smoothly to all users.



Galgus has the required hardware and software to maximize network value in the most demanding environments, as well as the professional services for its design, implementation, and deployment. Whether you have a bus fleet or manage a train, ship, metro, or plane communications infrastructure, the flexibility of Galgus has a solution for your business.