Stadiums and Events

Maximize your WiFi network for ultra-high people density environments.

Stadiums and Events

With Galgus technology you can provide quality Internet access to all your users, whatever their traffic demand is. Meanwhile, you can collect contextual information regarding your visitors without their intervention.

Some of the largest soccer stadiums and convention centers in Spain already rely on our technology. These locations host hundreds of events every year, including concerts, international congresses, or the “Copa del Rey” final.

The event sector, where thousands of people gather in a controlled environment is an interesting example of how Galgus technology can exploit all its added value: networks requiring maximum performance, providing contextual analytics. We have a wide range of modules suitable for these scenarios:

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We automatically adapt to the environment and situation so that the network performs smoothly to all users.

Galgus Features


Galgus has the hardware and software required to maximize network value in the most demanding environments, as well as professional services for its smooth design, implementation, and deployment. If you are looking for a technology that will provide a quality service to thousands of users at the same time, Galgus has the right solution for you.