Unlocking Benefits of Software-Defined WiFi [Whitepaper]

The Software-Defined WiFi paradigm proposes the independence of the software from the hardware, allowing the network owner to choose the Access Points (APs) that best fit his needs and budget. Thanks to this, a commodity AP becomes an enterprise-grade AP with a simple software update.

The idea is to shift the focus of WiFi networks from competition to collaboration, optimizing the use of available resources and attending the needs of all connected devices in real-time. In addition, being able to provide extremely valuable information to the network owner, as well as advanced management services. All of this without the need for central controller or cloud controller, avoiding bottlenecks, delays, and making the network much more robust and scalable.

Software-Defined WiFi brings a lot of benefits and advantages to any operator or network owner. If you want to discover them all in detail, just download a copy of our dedicated whitepaper by clicking here!


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