GALGUS - Team building day

Sport, fun, good food and much more. This is what our team building day was like

Today we’re not going to talk about connectivity, WiFi, technology… you won’t even see a single reference to a computer or smartphone. Today we are going outdoors to tell you about our last team building day. A very special day for reasons that we want to share with you. Are you curious to know how we spent it or do you want to remember this day? Here is a summary.

It has been many months of strict compliance with the health measures and, although the Galgus team has shown excellent professionalism in teleworking, the truth is that we really missed seeing each other’s faces beyond the webcam.

So, once the pandemic, fortunately, seems to be subsiding and with everyone perfectly vaccinated, we started to shape our first post-covid event. An opportunity for reunion and even for many of the team members to meet each other for the first time in person.

Finally, this took place on Saturday, September 11th. Do you want to know how it happened? Here is a brief chronicle of a day full of emotion and great moments for all that it entailed.

What did we do during the day?

We got up very early in order to arrive at 9:00 am at the sustainable tourism centre “Riverízate” in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville). This way we could enjoy the activities offered without suffering the high temperatures typical of the season.

These activities consisted of a kayak ride, followed by a relaxing bicycle route, and concluded with a gymkhana that tested the physical and mental strength of each of the participants. All of this in a spectacular natural environment that favoured enjoyment and disconnection from everyday worries.

And of course, after a morning of intense activity, it was time to recharge batteries. And, for that, what better than a good barbecue? Laughing about the moments we had experienced during the first part of the day, we set off for the “El Triguero” farmhouse.

There we were able to enjoy an excellent meal, both for its quality and for the company of our colleagues, as well as their partners and children. In addition, we had a swimming pool at hand in which we could soothe the heat of the summer in Seville. 

Part of the Galgus team

Happiness and well-being as a goal and a pathway to other objectives

If there is one thing we have engraved in the Galgus DNA, it is that it is important that we enjoy and are happy doing what we are passionate about. This is the key to unleashing and developing to the fullest our complete potential and to making the most of our talents.

Actions like this only reaffirm this philosophy of work and life. Something that has recently earned us the Awards of Happiness and which has proven its worth if we analyse the achievements and growth that we have achieved and continue to achieve.

After the success of this day, we all agree that we want to continue to fill our memories and our hearts with more moments like this one. Therefore, we are already thinking about our next team activities.

If you are curious and want to know more about it, keep an eye on our blog and our social networks. And if you want to attend in person, take a look at our job offers and find the one that’s right for you.