Presentation of Galgus participation in Facebook Accelerator Connectivity program

Presentation of Galgus participation in Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity program

On February 25 we are presenting the results of our 3-month participation on the Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity project to more than 100 companies, operators, and telecommunications investors at an event hosted by the Telecom Council.

After 12 weeks of work, Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity program is coming to an end. The organizers of the program: Facebook and MassChallenge, alongside with the Telecom Council, are holding a virtual event to present the results. An event where Galgus is actively participating.

This program was created to provide rural areas and highly complex environments in America a better and reasonable Internet access. After a demanding selection process Galgus was chosen to participate with a select group of innovative startups from all over the world.

Connectivity has become more important than ever although it is not a simple task to provide a high-quality internet connection for everyone. According to this study made by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on digital technologies and their role in mitigating the effects of the pandemic:

  • Between the first and second quarter of 2020, the use of telecommuting solutions increased by 324%, and remote learning by more than 60%.
  • 32 million (46%) of children between the ages of 5 and 12 cannot attend online education.
  • 40 million homes have no internet connection.
  • 33% of urban households have no internet connection.
  • 77% of rural households have no internet connection.
  • 42% of people under 25 and 54% of people over 66 have no internet connection.

Thanks to Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity program, we have participated in a series of specialized training and workshops with the participation of experts, mentors, and potential strategic partners and investors in the sector.

As a final activity, the virtual event February Startup Review: Facebook Accelerator Connectivity will take place on February 25th, with the Telecom Council as host. The results of 3 months of work will be presented during the event to more than a hundred companies, suppliers and communications investors, as well as technology companies.

This is a great opportunity to create strong and profitable relationships between high-profile tech companies and to take a huge step forward in the digital advancement of American areas that really need it.

If you want to attend this virtual event, you just need to go to the registration page at Telecom Council site (click here to register).

We will keep you updated on any news concerning this and upcoming events on our website and social media channels (TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook). Stay tuned!


Presentation of Galgus participation in Facebook Accelerator Connectivity program

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