Galgus Strengthens Its Leadership in Latin America by Partnering with iN+N LATAM

We are excited to announce the inclusion of business development consultancy iN+N LATAM among our Platinum partners.

Through this partnership, iN+N LATAM will supply Galgus equipment and technology in countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, and Uruguay.

This is another step forward in Galgus’ growth in Latin America, where we already have offices in Colombia and Peru, and have deployed numerous projects.

Galgus has established itself as a leading company in the Wi-Fi sector, known for its excellent connectivity experience and advanced geolocation technology, supported by 10 international patents.  

These results have attracted many companies seeking an ideal partner for their projects and expansion strategies, such as iN+N LATAM.

This agreement marks a significant advancement in wireless connectivity in Latin America, providing advanced solutions to businesses and public entities across the region.