Galgus and Neutroon

Neutroon and Galgus join forces to boost hybrid WiFi and 5G network management

This partnership agreement has given shape to the incorporation of a platform based on Cloud Computing into our own access point services, which allows advanced management of all the infrastructure resources of a network that combines WiFi and 5G technologies.

At Galgus, we have taken another step forward in offering high quality services for the control of WiFi networks in all types of environments. This time we have done it hand in hand with the company Neutroon, specialised in connectivity through technologies such as WiFi, 5G and LTE (Long Term Evolution).

Neutroon offers its customers a cloud-based software solution for the management of distributed private networks. The software has both a portal for network administrators and a portal for customers. This provides multiple benefits, such as lower cost, flexibility, scalability and a better user experience.

With the alliance between Neutroon and Galgus, the qualities of our access points are considerably increased, as all the services offered by Neutroon are added to all the functionalities they already had.

For this purpose, we have carried out a process of integration in our firmware of the necessary software to be able to communicate with the services offered by Neutroon, making it possible for the Galgus access points to be compatible with them.

All this has been done in such a way that all the functionalities and improvements offered by the Galgus software are maintained, also enabling the configuration and monitoring of the APs through the Neutroon services. In this way, we have managed to unify the management of hybrid WiFi / 5G networks on a single platform.

An agreement with enormous potential for the future, as we are at a decisive moment in the take-off of 5G technology as the new engine of global connectivity. We look forward to bringing you more news on the results of this exciting agreement.