Ignacio de Benito in Galgus

Ignacio de Benito joins Galgus to drive our international expansion

Today we would like to introduce you to our Senior Advisor, Ignacio de Benito, who has joined our team to contribute with his work, experience and knowledge to the international growth of Galgus. We leave you this article to get to know him better, as well as to deepen the challenges we already have.

Who is Ignacio de Benito?

Ignacio de Benito joins Galgus as Senior Advisor. It is great news for all of us to be able to count on a professional with a successful career in the telecommunications sector.

Ignacio is an engineer with extensive experience in different international companies. Among his most notable milestones, he was in charge of the reorganisation of Telefónica, being appointed International General Manager of the company. He also sits on advisory boards in other companies around the world.

His career has always been and still is focused on international business in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Moreover, he has established different relationships with institutions such as the World Bank or the IFC (International Finance Corporation).

What made you choose Galgus and what are your goals?

For Ignacio, when he was approached to join Galgus, he saw it as a golden opportunity to support a young team full of enthusiasm and with truly innovative technology and software capable of opening the doors of any market and competing in it.

All this at a time when the risk aversion that used to characterise innovation in Spain and which hindered obtaining adequate financing, regardless of the sector, is disappearing. A trend that makes us more similar to benchmark countries, such as the United States, where there is greater tolerance for failure when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Ignacio de Benito

Ignacio highlights as a priority challenges the establishment of Galgus in international markets on several continents, something that will allow us to become even bigger. A goal that he sees as perfectly feasible for 2022.

In order to achieve this, it is essential to collaborate with Telefónica which, recently and after much time and effort on our part, has selected our routers for companies.

Although at Galgus we look to other countries to continue growing based on the continuous development of our advanced WiFi and Location Analytics technology, we do not forget our Andalusian and Spanish nature. Of course, we will not stop working to continue contributing to the technological development of our society and to the closing of its digital breach.

And we will make it possible thanks to the dedication of each and every one of the professionals that make up Galgus. A team that continues to gain strength with the incorporation of Ignacio, whose fruits we will begin to see very soon. Follow us and keep up to date with everything!