Galgus obtains ISO 27001 accreditation, a recognition of our commitment to safety

We have an important announcement, Galgus has achieved ISO 27001 accreditation, the most prestigious international standard in the field of information security.

It certifies that we have implemented an information security management system (ISMS) that complies with the requirements and best practices established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The Galgus ISMS covers aspects such as the protection of the personal and confidential data of customers, suppliers and employees, as well as the prevention and mitigation of cyber risks that may affect our solutions and products.

How did we do it?

ISO 27001 accreditation  is the result of an external and independent audit process that verifies that we comply with international information security standards. 

To obtain it, we have demonstrated that we have defined and implemented an information security policy, that we have identified and evaluated the risks that threaten the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, and that we have established the necessary controls and measures to manage them.

ISO 27001 accreditation also means that we are committed to maintaining and continuously improving your ISMS by conducting regular reviews, internal audits, and corrective actions.

What benefits does it bring to our customers?

Information security is a key factor in ensuring the trust and satisfaction of our customers, as well as complying with current data protection regulations.

In addition, it is a recognition of the quality and innovation of our solutions, providing benefits such as:

  • It reinforces Galgus’ image and reputation as a responsible and professional company, which cares about information security and meets the highest quality standards.
  • It increases the competitiveness and differentiation of Galgus compared to other companies in the sector, which do not have this accreditation or cannot guarantee the same level of information security.
  • It facilitates access to new markets and business opportunities, both national and international, as ISO 27001 accreditation is a requirement demanded by many potential customers, especially in sensitive sectors.
  • It improves the relationship and communication with current customers, by offering them greater transparency and trust about the processing and protection of their data, as well as greater quality and security in the services and products they receive. 
  • It reduces costs and losses associated with potential information security incidents, such as leaks, theft, sabotage or cyberattacks, which could negatively impact the company’s reputation, operability and profitability.

With all this, Galgus joins the select group of companies that have ISO 27001 accreditation, a competitive advantage that allows us to consolidate our position as a benchmark in the smart Wi-Fi network sector.