Galgus in eCitySevilla

Galgus is part of the innovative eCitySevilla project

The eCitySevilla initiative, which already has more than 50 members, is based on promoting public-private collaboration to achieve the goal of making Seville’s Cartuja Island an open, digital, decarbonised, energy self-sufficient and sustainable environment by 2025.

A goal that represents a 25-year leap forward in meeting the energy and climate targets set for 2050.

The project has the support and leadership of public entities and companies such as the Andalusian Regional Government, the Seville City Council, the Cartuja Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja) and Endesa.

Among its partners are several companies, institutions, universities and research centres. From now on, Galgus is also part of them, which fills us with pride and motivation.

A deployment that has never been done before in the world, as we are talking about an environment that occupies more than 200 hectares, with 523 companies and entities and where nearly 23,000 people work. Practically, a city within the city.

In order to make eCitySevilla a reality, a series of specialised working groups have been created in which the partner organisations are members. These are: energy, sustainable mobility, building, digitalisation and communication and participation.

At Galgus we are eager to start working on it and to contribute our effort and knowledge to make this initiative come to fruition, something we are 100% convinced of, seeing the travelling companions we have.

We hope to bring you news on this very soon. So keep an eye on our blog and our social networks.