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We unleash the value that Wi-Fi technology can bring to your passengers experience at the same time we provide you with the best location and presence analytics.


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What can we do for your Railway Business

I- User experience

Robust Internet connectivity. Anywhere and anytime. The opportunity to make the most of all the time of the trip, to make your trip a productive. investment of time.

If we offer WiFi service in our train or rail station, we will obtain greater benefits for ourselves and greater customer satisfaction.

Network optimisation

  • Improve user experience
  • Maximun performance
  • Evoid mistakes
  • Minimise maintenance costs
  • Unified management

  • Simple and unified management
  • Integrations with third-party platforms-APIs
  • Comfort and protection

  • Certified products
  • Security Guaranteed
  • II- Location Analytics

    Location of users connected and not connected to the WiFi network, giving it a dual use and monetising the investment. All without the need for users to download applications or give permission. It also minimises inaccuracies as a result of the randomisation of the MAC addresses of the devices.

    In this way, transport operators will be able to keep track of their vehicles ́occupancy and they will be able to keep historical data, which will allow them to better plan routes and shifts.

    In-depth analysis

  • Extend the range of the same WiFi network
  • Locate even unconnected devices
  • Information of value
  • Discover how to unleash the full power of WiFi networks in trains and stations

    Why Galgus?

    Our patented technology

    GALGUS - 4 motivos para que tu empresa invierta en su red WiFi

    Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT) is Galgus’ patented distributed intelligence software, which eliminates the need for a central controller.

    CHT enables APs to collaborate, monitoring the environment and making collective decisions to optimize network performance. Its algorithms: Load Balancing, Smart Roaming, Automatic Channel Assignment, Smart Mesh, Smart Band Steering, Traffic Congestion Management… allow optimal distribution of radio resources, improving network performance and user experience.

    Galgus’ Predictive Roaming is a module for train to trackside communications that allows robust and fast WiFi link between train carriages and the trackside APs.

    Reasons to make an appointment
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    Based on Artificial Intelligence and patented

    Experts in the sector

    Galgus technology is present in more than 300 APs on trains worldwide.

    Added value

    Advanced security and in-depth analytics

    Management from the cloud

    Remote / on-premises
    Monetise your WiFi

    Robust and reliable

    More than one million daily users


    Reduce your CAPEX and OPEX and win more competitive projects

    Distributed intelligence

    No centralised controller or in the cloud

    Continuous improvements

    New functionalities at software speed

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