WiFi location analysis for smart cities

Using the Santa Cruz neighbourhood success story, we will see how Galgus technology is able to accurately count and analyse people flows in high-density areas.

José González

José González

CEO and Co-Founder of Galgus

Federico Rollán

Federico Rollán

Head of Tourist Intelligence of Sevilla City Office


A webinar to build a
tourist smart destination

In this webinar you will learn in depth and with real success stories how WiFi Location Analytics technology will be your best ally to harmonise the tourism model with the habitability of your municipality.

Thanks to it, you will be able to smartly manage the movements of your visitors, offering them a unique experience, while avoiding crowds and other uncomfortable situations for tourists and citizens, and boosting the local economy.

Discover with real and accurate data the behaviour of visitors who visit key environments on a daily basis.

Based on these, it makes decisions to shape a sustainable tourism model that offers the best possible user experience.

Avoid crowds, redirect to areas of interest, create a safer environment and boost economic development, among other advantages.


Why shouldn't you miss it?

If you attend the webinar, you will see for yourself and with real data what our WiFi technology is able to analyse the behaviour of people passing through our sensors. Data that is completely anonymous and compliant with the RGPD.

And all this without the need to connect to any network or give any kind of permission or install any application.


Our program

What will be the main topics covered in this webinar?
Here you have, point by point, the key contents of the session.

Get to know the speakers and the guidelines that will guide the development of the whole session.

With this internationally recognised technology, you will be able to know in detail and reliably the movements, behaviour and preferences of tourists. You can then design a tailor-made offer for them.

Check the efficiency and accuracy of our technology with real data. All this by analysing the results of our project in the tourist district of Santa Cruz in Seville.

We will also look at other scenarios where Galgus’ Presence & Location Analytics solution has exceeded the expectations of city managers.

You will be able to solve live all the doubts you may have about this technology and its different applications.

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What will be the main topics covered in this webinar?
Here you have, point by point, the key contents of the session.

You will meet

How our technology works.

You will have the opportunity to discover for yourself how Galgus technology helps cities to become smarter and optimise their tourism management. During the webinar, you will see the potential of having data such as the total number of users in a specific area, and even classify them by time spent in the area. We will also talk about the value of origin-destination matrices to know the reality of people flows, as well as the related heat maps.

Want to know more about our technology?

Our speakers

These are the professional experts who will guide you through the webinar so that you don’t miss anything and take the step towards the tourism management of the future.

José González

CEO and Co-Founder
of Galgus

Expert in the design and development of wireless communication systems with extensive international experience. His leadership has put Galgus at the forefront of global innovation in WiFi solutions.

Federico Rollán

Head of Tourism Smart Office
of Seville City Office

Professional with extensive experience in digital transformation projects and the use of technological tools applied to tourism in the city. Working to make Seville an increasingly smart destination.

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