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What does Galgus propose?

I-User experience

Galgus technology provides you with a seamless connection thanks to hundreds of functionalities focused on guaranteeing the best user experience.

Network optimization

  • Improve the user experience
  • Maximum performance
  • Avoids Failures
  • Minimise maintenance costs
  • Unified management

  • Simple and unified management
  • Integrations with third-party platforms-API
  • Comfort and protection

  • Certified products
  • Guaranteed Security
  • II- Location

    Galgus can locate users connected and not connected to the WiFi network, giving dual use to the WiFi network and monetising the investment. No need for users to download apps or give permission. They don’t even know they are contributing to the analytics.

    In-depth analytics

  • Extend the range of the same WiFi network
  • Locate even unconnected devices
  • Valuable information
  • Reasons to trust Galgus
    to unleash your full Wi-Fi potential

    Why Galgus?

    It provides users with a secure, robust and fast WiFi connection.

    Galgus has a complete portfolio of solutions for WiFi projects (APs, switches, accessories, services, etc.).

    We locate connected users, non-connected users and even if they randomise their MAC address. Capacity control information with heatmaps.

    It simplifies implementation and extends the life of equipment, which reduces the total cost by up to 60%.

    Cognitive Hotspot® technology that uses AI to create dynamic Wi-Fi networks that respond to changing conditions before service is affected.

    Software-defined solution that can be deployed on CPE, Galgus hardware or both, with unified cloud management.

    Quality of service is expected. Quality of experience makes the difference

    GALGUS - 4 reasons to invest in your company WiFi network
    Unlock the full potential of your Wi-Fi network, from cities to smart homes and anywhere you can imagine, no matter how challenging. Galgus innovation maximises wireless network performance, delivering:
    • An unparalleled quality of experience.
    • Operational scalability.
    • Business intelligence, identifying Wi-Fi devices with 95% accuracy, even those not connected.

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    Based on artificial intelligence and patented

    For each vertical

    Retail company, tourism, transport, industry, education, smart cities, etc

    Added value

    Advanced security and in-depth analytics

    Management from the cloud

    Remote / on-premises
    Monetise your WiFi

    Robust and reliable

    More than a million daily users


    Reduce your CAPEX and OPEX and win more competitive projects

    Distributed intelligence

    No centralized controller nor in the cloud

    Continuous improvements

    New features at the speed of software

    More than

    0 M
    Users each day

    More than

    Features software

    More than

    0 M
    Big clients

    More than

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    Collected data each day

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