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Software-Defined WiFi

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Software-Defined WiFi


Galgus follows the Software-Defined WiFi paradigm, a philosophy that seeks to unleash advanced functionalities (network optimization, unified management, in-depth analytics, advanced security) in any WiFi network, at an affordable price. Although Galgus sells its APs directly, we can integrate our software solution into APs specifically designed for the most difficult scenarios or for special projects (eg: transportation, industry).

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Are you an APs manufacturer? Do you want to equip your product with the advanced functionalities required by the most cutting-edge projects?

Software-defined WiFi functionality


The Software-Defined WiFi paradigm consists in the software and hardware unbundling in wireless networks. This philosophy, led by Galgus, is aligned with the current trends in softwarization, virtualization, and edge computing. This is the same revolution that Android brought in about a decade ago: you choose the device that fits your budget and needs and then unleash its full potential with the operating system and the apps you install on it.

New features
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The advantages of Software-Defined WiFi:

  • Enjoy advanced functionalities as demanded by the market (Passpoint, WPA3 Enterprise, dynamic VLANs, device location and counting, hacker mitigation, heat maps, network optimization, cloud management, etc.).
  • Retrofitting: extend the lifetime of your compatible APs with Galgus software. Specially aimed for special projects (aviation, trains, industry) where the price of the hardware is higher.
  • Stop relying on manufacturers that may discontinue your line. With Galgus you can change the hardware and still continue enjoying the same management and functionalities, in a transparent way and without detriment of your project.
  • As a system integrator or service provider, you will win more projects and increase margins. Galgus can always find the right AP for each situation, with the ease of mind that all functionalities are deployed by software.
  • Enjoy new features with each new release as Galgus is always seeking to meet the demands of the technology market.
  • If you are seeking to bring an AP to the market, Galgus can boost it with its more than 100 software functionalities, making it the most competitive product in its segment.
  • Robust and reliable technology, proven in the most challenging environments (transportation, hotels, stadiums, convention centers, train stations, Smart Cities, etc.). Serving more than 1 million daily users.

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Galgus technology solves connectivity problems in any environment: from an airplane to a small cafeteria, through luxury resorts, schools, or football stadiums. We estimate that more than 1 million daily users enjoy our networks.

If there is WiFi, there is Galgus.